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LiveWire VIP is offered on a subscription basis. This makes it the easiest software to get started with. There is no imposing upfront fee, and no risk that you'll buy the software only to let it sit on your shelf collecting dust.

While we could have stopped there, we decided to go a step further. We offer a Basic Account, which provides everything you would need in a contact manager, for free. $0..

Basic Account: $0

  • Space to store information for 50 Contacts
  • 3 custom contact fields
  • 250kB of file storage space so you can save documents on the web
  • ...and all the features listed on the features page.

We also offer additional services and features that can be added to a Basic Account. You buy what you need when you need it.

Price List For Services Beyond Free Account
Product/Service Price per month
Space for an additional 1000 contacts $9.95/month
Space for an additional 25MB of file storage $4.95/month
An additional user for an account $4.95/month
Each additional custom field $1.95/month
Discount price for 50 custom fields $49.95/month

Don't forget all the features that already come with the free Basic Account

  • Store contacts and fans
  • Send group emails
  • Create mail merge letters
  • Keep A Calendar
  • Keep A Journal
  • Keep A List Of To-Do's
  • Keep A Notebook
  • Create Email Reminders
  • Send Contacts To Other Users
  • Customize Your Screen Layout
  • Create Custom Fields
  • Print Mailing Labels
  • Send Faxes

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